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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  July 27, 2011 7:00am-10:00am PDT

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weather. currently 53 and 67 by noontime and 72 this afternoon and that's oakland and we got a couple of other locations to run down with you where we will see temperatures in berkeley, we got another graphic to show you. berkeley will come in fairly much on par, 70 and mostly sunny and alameda partly cloudy and fremont partly cloudy and eventually this fog and cloud cover will pull back and we will see afternoon warming. complete weather check in a minute. now to traffic with george. we continue to watch potential hot spots, the nemitz closure in downtown oakland at 9th avenue. so far we are still back up free and delay free but it's -- we are learning now that it may actually be 7:30 before they get that ramp reopened and we are still concerned that may push into the peek and turn the
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highway into a hot. you can use high street or 23rd and no delay getting past the closure. thanks a lot, george. 7:02 right now and we are reporting live from fairfield this morning after this huge fire that burned all of these plastic containers at the macro plastics complex and contained but the fire broke out at 1:00 and six alarms and tons of firefighters that responded to this and investigators believe it started by an employee who accidentally lit a plastic container with a torch or welder but the fire did not spread and that's because they had so many firefighters and sixty firefighters from fairfield and for nearby departments and they used 21 vehicles. for that blaze and three firefighters suffered injuries but no one else was hurt. jackie thistle is out there live.
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good morning, jackie. >> reporter: as the sun comes up you are getting a look at the aftermath that have fire and you can see how intense that fire must have been. that's a chain-linked fence that is burned over. we are starting to see activity at macros plant and starting the cleanup process behind that row of hedges right there and you can see the activity and they got some of the containers out of the way and some not completely burned and you can see this is the charred remains of those 4x4 containers, they produce the biggest supply of these containers.
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>> >> >> >> people are going to the next exit, cars are going very fast. >> thanks for the update. here is what is just into the kron 4 news room. police are on lookout for stolen giants baseball
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memorabilia. a man got away with a vehicle for all of baseball and that's from a woman agreed mcdonald's parking lot. here is a picture of the suspects. a white man in his late 20s or early '30's with a thin build, shape said and goatee. at 7:00 a.m., a man parked his hong dyson not ask the fast-food restaurant in walnut creek. he left the car running. he came down just in time to see someone from an office in his car. in the car was memorabilia including some signed baseballs and back from will limit >> john maynard is looking to
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rework his own budget plan that after being analyzed, he was told it would cut less than some of what was said. he is running into opposition from to party conservatives and the white house says is some doubt it passed the house and senate, the president would veto. california is coming up with another plan just in case the defense did not work out the debt ceiling. they are borrowing $5 million from investors. this is so the state can avoid a potential cash >> mayor ed lee just signed a $6.3 million budget.
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>> the time is 7 07 a m. let's take a look at the weather. >> it will be a little while before things clear up. on the golden gate bridge, fog is heavy across the span. it will not be until noon until we see most of the bay area in the clear. low clouds and morning fog is what we're dealing with. partly cloudy and warmer this afternoon with temperatures in the low 90s. the fog will return once more into the evening hours and overnight. support. as a way -- here is the way the weather is right now. " clouds and fog. -- low clouds and fog. temperatures are mild. here are your current temperatures.
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our temperatures at noon will look like this, cooler along the coast with a mix of '70s and '80s around most of the bay area. 90s around 3:00 p.m.. it will only get warmer as we have throughout the week. here is a look neighborhood by neighborhood. los gatos and morgan hill or the warmer spots. antioch, brentwood and livermore, even concord and walnut creek could see 90 degrees. here is your 7 day forecast. the warm weather stays with us for the next seven days, warming all wait until saturday. pockmar
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>> even in the 7:00 a.m. hour, the nimitz is still not a hot spot even with the planned closure at twenty ninth ave. motorists are using another street. the exit before and after our handling the traffic flow. if the ramp is not open within the next 45 minutes-when i work there could be problems on 880. 92 still looks good with no real back of on the toll plaza and no delays across the the volume is building a bit but still no backups or delays on the golden gate. the bay
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bridge westbound, it is foggy enough now that we cannot really see it with our san francisco camera. we do have an update on the back up. it reaches beyond the 880 over crossing westbound. it appears as though the metering lights have been slowed because of the fog. >> a quick break as the kron 4 morning news continues.
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>> the dow is down 107 points at this hour. >> police investigated and abandoned suitcase in oslo when a bus driver saw a man leave the suitcase and walk away quickly. everyone was evacuated. no explosives were found. the norwegian capital has been on edge since last week's bombing and shooting that killed a total of 76 people. >> there is new-line cellphone video of the moment of the actual bombing. >> the investigation into the twin attacks is focusing on a
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farm that was used by andres breivik. the 32 year-old norwegian has confessed to the attacks but pleaded not guilty. police discovered and detonated explosives at this form. he rented the farm and created a fake business to cover-up his order of hundreds of pounds of fertilizer that was a major component in the bomb. he carried out the attacks to prevent what he called the colonization of muslims in this country. today, cabinet ministers are returning to their offices, the first time since the explosion. >> we have a lot more ahead on the kron 4 morning news. thanks for wicking of with us on this wednesday morning. we are waiting for the sun to come up in san francisco. it will take a while. we will be right back.
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>> right now we are live adequate press conference in fairfield after a fire at a plastics plant. >> the department of public health and quality management in cooperation with other agencies, there was air sampling and water samples taken yesterday. i do not believe the results have been returned at this point. i believe that the department of public health has stated that they think the fairfax are
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similar to a wildlife fire. i know that some residents were concerned about air quality issues. they believe it would be similar to a grass fire in the area. we were actually anticipating posting a fire watch here last night, we were not required to do that. we were able to extinguish the last of the plastic products by 11:00 p.m.. we were on sale for about one hour doing a lot of activities. we are able to release the property back to the property owners by midnight. >> can you talk about some of the issues in fighting this fire? i >> because it was a plastic products, unfortunately that burns extremely hot and creates very intense heat. you may have seen in some of the footage yesterday that it was actually creating its own wind in the heat that was occurring was sucking plastic bins into the
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fire. that creates an intense heat and a demand for a lot of manpower in water. we used a foam to help cool the plastic and control the fire. >> water and oil do not mix. >> that is molten plastic, essentially it mils. you have to keep applying water and the foam in order to fool the product for aid to extinguish. >> any idea how this started? >> i do not have details. we do know after a conversation with the property owner and employees that they were performing work outdoors in the rear area where the fire started. i do not have details of what the work was. i do believe that it was their employees, there were no contractors on site. they are
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cooperating fully in will been meeting with them today trying to conclude the investigation. >> will the firefighters be out here today to check out the area? >> we will be monitoring this all day. >> plastic crates stacked two stories high, was that and say? >> everything the company had done as far as storage practices was within code. >> should that be within code? >> everything that is done is based on best practices. certainly i think people will be taking a look at this incident. what occurred yesterday was within everything that they should have been doing for their industry. >> to the fire department have cuts ? >> we have not had any operational cuts. administrative
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and fire prevention only. >> that did not affect this response? >> it did not. hot >> there were only three hydrants around the area? >> we utilize every water supply we have available as well as to different crash trucks from travis air force base. those are the units that are used to respond to aircraft accidents. they supply the phone. we have foam and water. we have the assistance of 15 other agencies. we did have a water issues, but they were resolved. oracle yesterday was to contain the fire to the property limits. we were able to do that. we did not have any injuries. we're very pleased with that. we have three minor injuries to firefighters personnel. it retreated on seen
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in release. hopper we will be meeting with the property owner today and going over the events of yesterday. it appears to be an accidental fire that occurred in the course of work. >> do you have any idea how many crates were burned? >> i've heard estimates that there were between 15,000 in the 30,000 bins on site yesterday, but no one was able to give me an exact number.
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>> he just an update from fear film about a region where that happened yesterday. there were up to 30,000 containers. >> we're keeping an eye on the fall. what a similar scene at
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the san mateo bridge. not have the fall but we do have low clouds. that is will we will be dealing with in the morning hours. this afternoon will be nice. and that is a snapshot of the east bay shoreline. as for the fog, let's focus in on that. we see on the peninsula and the coastline. it is also the children into the bay itself. that is why we see overcast conditions and oakland and down near hayward. by noon and this should pull back. for four we
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have a pretty pleasant mix throughout the day. by 3:00 p.m. we will see the 90s in the delta and livermore valley. your 7 day forecast shows a warm weather for at least the foreseeable future. for the next seven days, sunshine and hot temperatures and wind. let's get an update on traffic. >> we are updating the sensors as we continue to monitor the conditions on interstate 880 northbound where the ramp remains closed. it is still not a hot spot. traffic is light. it is still a good drive with no delays. on 101 the right on
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marin county across the golden gate bridge, no delays. there is some slowing in northern marin. an accident on the shoulders of found is slowing the ride. the drive times are still on a 35 minutes from the bottle leading down to the toll plaza. for the time is 7:27 a.m.. kron 4 more news will be right back.
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>> a plastics by air guest today, they think it was an accident caused by an employee he. it took hours to put out the delays. they are going to clean up the mess today, thankfully, thanks to the firefighters, no one was hurt. the fire never spread to the building with the employees work. the debt clock is winding down, john boehner is reworking his dissident plan. the congressional budget office says it cuts billions of dollars less than promised. that will go to a vote tomorrow even though the president says he will veto
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it if it makes it to his desk. >> let's get a quick check on weather and traffic. >> good morning. a live look on the golden gate bridge. we are once again seen foggy conditions. it is getting a tad better. we can make out the bottom portion of the south tower. coastal fog and rain clouds are what we're dealing with at the present time. warmer this afternoon. 60s along the coast and 90s in land. we are expecting continued warming as we head towards the weekend. we have a fairly toasty forecast. details in a minute. a quick check >> on traffic. > this as we have been monitoring potential hot spot on the nimitz freeway, 880 north else, we're going to hear from will tran of the lamp closure that has had the twenty ninth avenue offramp shutdown since the early morning hours. sinfully we are still not looking at any back up. -- or
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think believe we are still not looking at any back up. the adjacent exits have been able to handle the overflow. it is possible we consider ram open fairly quickly. >> we have more on this story, a police chase and with the driver crashing and >> we have learned that the victim is a 19 year-old man who refused to pull over a period when the chp ask him to pull over, a short pursuit of placed in the ultimately lost control of his car and rolled over here on the twenty ninth avenue exit. he was ejected from the car. they have been here ever since a 1:30 a.m.. let's talk about the traffic situation. they are in the process of reopening twenty ninth avenue exit. a few seconds ago, caltrans will split away from the scene, they look like
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they could set a lot of scones and it has reopened. as far as this section, east eighth avenue, this will remain shut down for investigators to do their work. and you are free to get off of the twenty ninth avenue exit. >> we will check back for an update. let's check in the newsroom. >> just off the wires and into the kron 4 news room, a judge has cited the heel of administration and has tossed out a lawsuit over federal funding for stem cell research. the lawsuit claims that the research violated a 1996 law that prohibited tax care financing for worked at arm's an embryo. deal, administration allows research on embryos off that work combed long ago as her private funding. and the chief ruled in favor of the administrators motion to dismiss the case. >> 7:36 a.m.. let's take a look again at the giant fire in
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fairfield that what they had to battle at the plastics complex that was contained in this >> this was a sixth alarm fire. they had teens from fairfield and neighboring areas working on the fire. three firefighters did suffered minor injuries curative we look live at the scene, at a plastics plant, they have a lot of cleanup to do. there are some of the charge containers. they are pretty big containers. >> on to weather, a complete check on the forecast for your neighborhood and the warm-up
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that is expected. >> we have a live look this morning from the roof camera. you can see fog and low clouds basically blanketing the city this morning. a lot of those coastal locations in the north bay as well. that is not what we are seen everywhere. as we look at the maps you will see in walnut creek, this was shot just 10 minutes ago. sunshine into things were fairly clear. low clouds and morning fog in certain areas. overcast and others. this afternoon, partly cloudy and warmer tenders. inland highs in the '90s. we will wake up tomorrow morning again to the club circuit and fog. capital-letter at 8:00 a.m., foster out much of the heart of the bay. by noon in will be affecting only the
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by midnight we will see fairly consistent overcast conditions throughout most of the bay. to resists afternoon will be in the upper 80s and 90s. currently in the '50s and '60s. for in the far east bay is where will see a powerful warmest temperatures. 1/4 if your is your 7 day forecast. warmer is the key as we head over the next seven.
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>> we are still hot spot free. thankfully the exit at 29 on the nimitz and northbound has been reopened. the sig-alert has been cancelled. traffic never got back up. likely to get slowly this morning as the commute keeps northbound between the coliseum and high street in the a.m. and 9:00 a.m. hours. for now, it is a light and easy ride. here is a bridge check starting with the san detail bridge. we are at the peak of traffic flow westbound, still problems across the span. a 13 minute drive time. your commute on the golden gate is still good. delays in northern marin, but not significant. what are still well under a normal drive time at about 41 thenceforth 37
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down to the golden gate bridge. that is still a very easy ride. at the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is backed up beyond the 880 over crossing. we are still incident free on the upper deck. the kron 4 morning news is with you until 10:00 a.m.. gary radnich comes up later this hour and is noontime as 7:45 a.m.. we will be right back.
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>> all eyes on wall street. the dow is down 122. analysts are saying that the united states, even if they pass a compromise on the debt ceiling, they expect that the united states will lose its aaa credit rating. >> taking a look at national news, we want to show you a bad accident in west virginia. police think it was because of screening and drugs. here are some of the remnants. they say a 21 year-old driver hit a wall and a parked car along a
7:44 am
neighborhood street. and suv went airborne and crashed into a house and landed on the car. >> we will be right back with gary radnich in the world according to gary.
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>> who is he did more, alex smith or buries you know? her they re-signed alex smith, after his track record they said, we will suck so bad that we will get the no. 1 pick the and it that way paula
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>> you have it figured out. >> that is a silly plan. >> in a perfect world, that is good. there is always someone who sucks worse. [laughter] >> it would be terrible to throw away the season and only be the second worse. you can say what you want about smith, but and so you have someone better, you better write him out. -- ride him out. >> madhouse fullback is going to the tennessee titans. hot--in mass hassle back is going to the tennessee >> to win in the league, you have to have a good
7:49 am
quarterback. the forty-niners, that is the best they can get. >> mcmahon is going to the vikings. he will make less money, " he just wants to be the no. 1 >> minnesota tried redstart and now they will try and hook on and mcnab. colihow old is he? 3e is not settled. paprithat old. h
7:50 am
>> supposedly when plaxico was in prison, the giants' run to keep him on contracts, a lower deal, but his feelings were hurt. we will see what happens. >> if you watch a lot of espn, there is a guy named chris and a guy named john, they all did basically the same thing, they are all in good healthy competition. they are all tweeting. >> i do not know when they
7:51 am
sleep. h >> , lori, she is cut to carquinez union the she wasn't doing this shoot her in an interest. ahoy
7:52 am
>> obviously something and was not working. when you are dumped at the altar, (...) >> why are they not getting married? >> i do not know. he just changed his mind. you have to think it is one of those last minute, i have to do it now. >> i would suggest, never get married during a lockout. >> that is-. -- >> that is bad. >> and lastly, what about that baseball game? it ended at 1:50 a.m. with a crazy call. >> that is the worst call i've ever seen. >> i looked at it in slow motion. how do you think it was
7:53 am
closed? >> usually you will see the catcher making another swipe at the guy. if you do not have a guy, there is a natural tendency to look at the umpire. if you play that long, in 19 innings, you better make sure, if there is any doubt, let the players decide. >> i thought the guys were saying, it has been seven hours, let's just call this. [laughter] >> gary, we will see later. 7:54 a.m.. we will be right back.
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>> in gilroy police have
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arrested a 13 year-old boy and are looking for two additional suspects in connection with an attempted armed robbery. someone called 911 yesterday to report gunfire near the garlic city club. when officers got there, the victim said he was sitting in a car contract and three people approached him. police found the 13 year-old but are looking for the two others. >> the faa is saying that your people are violating its airspace restrictions despite a weekend incident to as private pilots violated the airspace near the presidential retreat. airspace violations can range from anything from flying into an enclosed area to simply using the wrong radiofrequency. >> 7:58 a.m.. we're back with more of a couple of minutes. here is a live look from the golden gate bridge.
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it is 8:00 a.m., the top stories out of oakland, a chp chased ends with a deadly crash. details coming up in a live report. >> we are alive in fairfield following the clean up after this big fire at a plastics company. we will have more this morning. >> new information out of norway and new video of the bomb blast in oslo as norway remains on guard with additional security threats. >> first, a check on weather and traffic. >> we have a look for mt. tam, you can see the low cloud cover. a blanket of fog over the bay. that is really depressing people in san francisco right now. overcast conditions. do not worry, the fog will pull back. warmer this afternoon, once the
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sun comes out for a good part of the bay, temperatures in the '60s-'90s. the warming trend will continue throughout the remainder of the i will show you everything in detail in a moment. >> we finally have a hot spot on the nimitz freeway. it is not the ramp closure that we have had since the early morning hours, it is a new as in the northbound at 66 were the two left hand lanes are blocked. a motorcycle crash with injuries involved. an ambulance has been summoned to the scene. the traffic has been light enough on 880 north found that even with the accident, the drive time out of san leandro and oakland is still only running 21 minutes which is normal for this time of the morning. at present you may not need to jump onto an alternate but if you want one use interstate 580 instead. caulk >> the time is 8 02 a.m.. we're
8:02 am
talking about the dying fire that happens at the macro plastics complex in fairfield. the fire was raging for hours. there were dozens of firefighters trying to contain this 6 alarm fire. they think that an employee accidently late in the palette on fire. luckily there was no damage to the actual building. there were three fire fighters that were heard battling this fire. they used 21 vehicles to pour water on this blaze.
8:03 am
>> they thought there was somewhere between 15,000-30,000 pilots on this property. there was intense heat. you can see the clean up going on right now. these are workers from accra plastics molding around some of the damage and undamaged plastic this is one of the world's largest manufacturers of these plastic containers used in shipping fruit and produce in the things like that. there were environmental issues, people were worried about the smoke and
8:04 am
residue from these plastic containers, causing any issues. the plant itself is not operating at full capacity, they are in full clean up mode. the investigation will continue. they believe a worker on site was working with an open flame that initially set off a fire and from there, it spread like wildfire. >> we are following the latest developments out of oakland to wear chp officers are investigating in deadly police pursuit. here was the scene this morning. they spotted a man driving erratically on oakland's city streets. he apparently refused to pullover. that prompted a chase reaching speeds of 80 mi. per hour. the man was thrown from the vehicle after crashing his car at the twenty
8:05 am
ninth avenue offramp. he was later pronounced dead at highland hospital. police are investigating the vehicle. they found at least one open alcohol containers. >> new this morning, we're watching wall street. the numbers are falling as lawmakers remain at odds at how to avoid defaulting on our national debt. steve massocca is on the phone. >> good morning. is wall street finally reacting to the debt ceiling lack of a compromise? >> i do not think that is a tradition of what is going on. there is some concern about that, but what i will point to the government debt is down a slight amount today. essentially, the 10 years yielding 2.59%, that is a fairly
8:06 am
expensive bonds. it appears to be rock solid at that level. you would think that if there was considerable concern with debt ceiling negotiations, it would be impacted the market for government debt. that is not happening. >> it appears there could be a compromise coming by the end of the week to avoid any kind of government shutdown. analysts are saying that even is the sort of compromise is reached, it looks like the government debt could be downgraded from aaa rating. >> the rating agencies have made it clear that they would like to see a significant reduction in government spending. as you start talking about short-term compromises, that probably in sales less than extensive cuts in spending. i think that is more about the overall level of debt rather than a short-term concern about negotiating an increase in the debt ceiling. it is more about the long-term effects and the fact that we are
8:07 am
borrowing we too much money. >> do you think that we're going to bounce back or that we will see a slide until this is settled? >> there are other issues affecting the market today. the report on durable goods, goods that have a life of one year or more, they were supposed to be up but they were in fact down. that was significant. what was supposed to be an increase was a 2% decrease. orders for capital goods and other small indicators that were not particularly good. mortgage applications as of last month were up 15 percent, they're now down 5%. yesterday we had renews about home prices. there were the worst they have been since spring to thousand nine. there are other things going on related to the economy.
8:08 am
>> if there is a downgrade, how would we feel that as a consumer? >> interest rates, the potential for that although it would take time for that to flow through the system. to the value of bonds that people have in their savings, people would lose money on those. it is really going to upset the applecart. sooner or later this will affect people on the mainstream. >> we will see what happens as we're waiting on a deal in
8:09 am
washington. we will be right back.
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>> a quick weather update on the kron 4 morning news. a live look at of san jose. we have some decent sunshine already this morning. that is not the story along the peninsula in san francisco. in the south bay, we're doing pretty good. he is here is a quick snapshot of what the weather is going to be like. and we will have a
8:12 am
complete look at your forecast all around the bay in a little bit. >> i have a new video to show you of the car bombing in downtown oslo from last week. you can see what was happening on the streets. this is video from a cell phone. the streets are covered in glass and other debris. people are walking around and wondering what is happening. the explosion happened in the government district before the shooting massacre that killed dozens of people. you can hear the panic as this guy goes into the store to look at the damage in the air as the building starts to shake. morning video from downtown oslo, just as the bomb exploded. the prime minister says the response to the attacks in his country mean more democracy. he said and regions will defend themselves by showing they're not afraid of violence. with the bombing and shooting, 76 people were killed. this new video is painting a better picture right as those
8:13 am
bombs went off. >> in parts of oslo central station were evacuated today after a suspicious package triggered an alert. police investigated and abandoned suitcase that came into question when a bus drivers sought a man in the area leave the case, talking on his phone and walked quickly into the station. after about 30 minutes, there were no explosives found. >> we continue to what wall street with the dow jones down 103 to 12,00397. one of the big stocks of is the initial public offering of dunkin donuts, up 40 percent right now.
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>> we are still watching the markets. the dow was down 104, now down 95. the nasdaq is down 45. >> house speaker john boehner is in the process of reworking his debt ceiling plan after the congressional budget office analyze did and said it would cut millions less than had been promised. the vote was set for today. it is postponed until tomorrow. john boehner is said to be running into opposition from the tea party conservatives and the white house has said that even if in some of passes the house and senate, the president would veto. >> california has another plan just in case we do not solve the debt ceiling problem. the state is borrowing 5 billion from private investors as a hedge against a government default. state treasurer bill lockyer
8:17 am
secure the package of short-term loans so that the state will avoid a potential cash shortage is federal funds are cut off in the event the u.s. fails to extend the debt ceiling. >> this city of san francisco has a budget. and lee signed a budget for the next fiscal year. it was voted unanimously for approval. a 6.8 $3 billion budget proposed by a knee in june. the board approved diit. >> let's take a look at whether and traffic. >> we have a look out of walnut creek. we will put the video and motion. sunshine. we are already enjoying fairly nice conditions on the east side of the oakland hills in the san ramon valley very '50s and '60s, the temperature range. low cloud cover and fog in san francisco. much of the peninsula in portions of the north bay are seeing it as well. our warmest locations in the low 90s. that will be a nice change.,
8:18 am
returning once again as we head into the evening and overnight hours. temperatures right now are bumping up quite a bit now that the morning sun is up. concord at 61, haber, the center to. 62 in the livermore valley ended down in the south bay, san jose, 50 degrees. -- 58 degrees. this is the fault and how it is projected developed throughout the day.
8:19 am
>> here are your current highs.
8:20 am
>> a motorcycle accident on 66. usually a motorcycle accident injuries takes a while to clear. the back of will continue to build. a 28 minute drive time. 21 minutes from san leandro and oakland. the length of time is actually not as bad as it could be. if you want the right is not as back up as it was earlier. the golden gate bridge ride is still a problem free. despite the fall, the
8:21 am
southbound ride is about the way from the north end of the bridge to the toll plaza. >> the trial begins today for a los gatos woman accused of having sex with a teenager. if convicted, kohl could face a maximum of four years in prison and be required to register as a sex offender. >> family and friends will hold a rally for the missing nursing student michelle le, it is two months since her she was last seen going on right for her shift at kaiser medical center in hayward. >> with the conditions are making it tough for firefighters in southern california. it is hot to with low humidity as they battle a wild fire at the los
8:22 am
coyotes indian reservation. a 21 square foot mild malaise. it is burning into heavy to rein in heavy vegetation. it is not expected to burn any structures were populated areas. >> and league is considering running for another >> i am trying to gauge whether or not people are supportive of this development. alex poindexter is saying, he has not screwed up majorly yet. another viewer says, in his opinion, as someone completely different. david chu. >> to participate in our online
8:23 am
discussions, like us on facebook. >> 8:23 a.m.. we're back with more and a couple of minutes. let's take a live look at the numbers on wall street. the dow is recovering a little bit but still down 99 points.
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>> traffic is still slow leaving san leandro and heading north oz. traffic is running at 34 minutes. a 10 minute extra dry. you're probably better off staying on the nimitz. it would cost more time to divert over to interstate 580. it is
8:27 am
possible that the back of could continue to build and we will continue to track it. >> police say they are looking for this suspect they say got away with a car full of giants memorabilia. this happened at 7:00 a.m. on monday morning. this guy went into a mcdonald's restaurant to grab coffee, he left his keys in the car with his car running and someone stole his car. the car is a silver honda sonata. it had memorabilia belonging to the car owner including an autographed bats and balls. in the meantime police are looking for this gentleman. >> with the nfl locked out over, everybody is ready to fill up the stadiums. ticketmaster sales on the nfl to the exchange were up more than 300% on
8:28 am
monday. if players approved a deal ending the four and a half month lockout. trades are being done in days as opposed months. >> we are back with more as the kron 4 lending is continues. traffic is moving on the western span of the bay bridge. heavy fog this morning. if
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> if of the top stories, a quick recap for you, a fatal police chase this morning and closed down a portion of the inner city of oakland " after the car crashed into the overpass. policing the driver may have been drunk. >> in massive six alarm fire at this fairfield plastics company is contained in this morning. firefighters a bit on the scene in the checking things out for safety precautions. it took six engines to put out the flame. investigators believe it was
8:31 am
cause after an employee accidentally lit a plastic container on fire with a welding torch. three firefighters suffered minor injuries. >> the debt clock is winding down. house speaker john baena is reworking his is still in plan after a review found that it would cut billions of dollars less than promised. the vote on that was for today. it is postponed until >> we did have a hot spot on the nimitz freeway. this was 800 northbound. there is no need for
8:32 am
an alternate route. the back of will continue to dissipate now that it is completely clear to attract clients. now, a >> check on weather> overcast conditions. a similar scene in the san mateo, hayward area. a quick rundown on the east bay shoreline. >> let's go to fairfield right
8:33 am
now. a massive fire at the macro plastics complex. here is a video. there was cause for environmental concerns. investigators believe the fire was caused by an employee using a torch. jackie sissel is live on the scene with an update. >> it is all about the clean up this morning. piquancy the left over from this intense heat. they estimated around 30,000 plastic containers or on site when the fire broke out. the
8:34 am
fire was causing its own wind and sucking containers and. we talked about what some of the problems were that the fire department had. fire chief describes the scene. >> because it was a plastic products, unfortunately that burns extremely hot in creates very intense heat. you may have seen in some of the footage that was actually creating its own wind into the heat that was occurring inside was sucking up plastic bins into the fire. that creates an intense heat and a demand for a lot of manpower and a lot of water. we also used afff foam. >> they got the foam from travis air force base. it that help was
8:35 am
greatly appreciated. you can see some of the workers now moving more of those plastic containers. these containers are used mostly for produce, friends and vegetables. >> when what is the smell like? >> it is not too bad. >> we just got this deal into the kron 4 is a comic the beached whale. the whale was found at a location in march in washington, and is about one hour west of seattle. it was located in front of some private homes. people are out there
8:36 am
trying to figure out how the whale got there. the whale appears to be motionless. we will continue to monitor the situation. that is not something that you see every day. >> we also want to show you some developing news out of oakland. officers are investigating a deadly pursued that happened overnight. the officers spotted a man driving erratically on oakland's city streets. he refused to pull over. the man was thrown from the vehicle during the crash. it was pronounced dead at highland hospital. at least one open alcohol container was found in the car. here is a live look outside.
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
>> a quick look at the weather for today. here is a look at the current temperatures. this afternoon we're going to see this, mainly '60s, '70s and '80s to round toes. 90s will be popping up in the far inland locations. jewelry is down with a full check on weather coming up and a little bit. >> gilroy police have arrested a 13 year-old boy. they're looking for two other people in connection with an attempted armed robbery. someone called 911 to report gunfire near garlic city club. when officers got there, they found a victim who said he was sitting in a car when three people approached
8:41 am
him. police searched the area and found the 13 year-old. there are two suspects that remain at large. >> despite three different airspace violations that cause fire just to be dispatched to the presidential retreat in camp david, md., the federal aviation officials say that fewer pilots are violating its airspace and this year. statistics show that one of the 22 airspace violations have occurred so far this year. airspace violations could be anything from flying into an enclosed area to simply using the wrong radiofrequency. >> it is a sign of the evolving *. the auto maker, ford is going to start introducing karzai do not have a cd they will have you is the connection for digital music devices and a wi-fi connection. it will do this on the 4 focus starting early next year. other cars will fall.
8:42 am
>> my son asked me what the cassette deck was. >> we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues. a live look over mt. tam.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> a foggy wednesday with a live look from san francisco. >> here is a live look from mt. tam showing us the cloud cover, the marine layer over the bay. sunshine of the above. once the clouds get out of the way we will see warming for a good bit of the day. here is a look at
8:46 am
how the fog is going to lose. after 8:00 a.m. is when it pushes its way in -- after 8:00 p.m. is when the fall pushes its way back in. we're seeing some pretty good warming in the east bay. here are your current address. right now we are at or slightly warmer where we were yesterday. here is where
8:47 am
temperatures are neighborhood by neighborhood. tomorrow in trend has finally arrived and will be with us for the next seven. inland spots in the '90s. >> put we are tracking a new hot spot.
8:48 am
>> there is a good stretch of red on 680. >> there is an accident on the shoulder pass highway 84. the drive time to be 26 minutes. it is running about 40 minutes right now. there is no good alternate for this stretch of roadway. westbound a minor back
8:49 am
on the bay bridge toll plaza. there are no delays on marin county for the golden gate bridge. >> the time is 8:50 a.m.. britain is officially recognizing libya's main opposition group as the country's legitimate government. the foreign secretary says that they are unfreezing $150 million of libyan oil assets to help the group known as the national transitional council. grande officials say that they are expelling all diplomats from the regime of muammar gaddafi. the only man convicted in the 1980 bombing of u.s. aircraft in scotland has appeared at a
8:50 am
program of the rally. here he is highlighted in the videos taken yesterday. >> here is new video in the bombing from downtown oslo last week. here is more video from downtown oslo. whoa the bombing
8:51 am
and shootings killed at least 76 people. >> we're back with more and a couple of minutes. a live look at the numbers on the dow. the dow was down 95.
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
>> 0 stay on wall street. the dow was down 106 points. -- it's a rough day on wall street. >> to the death of amy winehouse is creating a major spike in her out of sales. 37 albums -- thousand albums sold in this week. the 27 year-old died of
8:55 am
the unknown causes at her london home. >> a new application for your cellphone could be a lifesaver. gabe slate house the report. >> a new application for smart phones. it can really help save lives. his called text stop. " when is installed and activated, if you're traveling over 10 mi. per hour, it will not allow you to send e-mail or text messages or receive e-mail or text messages. it is a brilliant idea. text message related injuries and deaths are on the rise. if this is something we should all have installed. this will help parents were worried about teenage drivers. >> sam helped to create this application. >> last year there were 16,000 deaths. pretty soon is going to surpass drug driving deaths.
8:56 am
this is something that is all but preventable. if >> he and his business partner any gave me a real time demonstration of text stop in action. all 10 mi. per hour he was able to continue texting in the mailing. house as soon as we traveled over 10 m.p.h., when he tried to send or read a text or e-mail, the red scream came on telling him to pull over. this application works in can save lives. this uses gps in the smart bond to know that is going over 10 mi. per hour. " was surprised to see all accurate was. there is no texting happening once or over 10 mi. per hour. you can only make changes to the application once it is installed with the user name and password.
8:57 am
>> asked we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues. a live look in san francisco.
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> a police chase and in a fatal crash. more details coming up. >> cleaning up this morning from a blazing fire at a plastics company. >> the dow is down 118 points. everyone watching and waiting to see the u.s. government will run out of money in six days. details in the budget battle
9:00 am
ahead. >> is a good morning. thank you for joining us. i interior walland >> parked here is a shot from mt. tam. that clearly highlights of the low cloud cover. fog is a big part of what appeared to today. the drizzle has been sticking with us in downtown san francisco. the morning will consist of a fog and low cloud cover. partly cloudy into the afternoon with the greeks of sunshine especially in the south bay. the breeze picks up later today as well. full details coming up and a little bit. >> better news for what has been a hot spot on 680. an accident on the shoulder green
9:01 am
showing up on the road with sensors. the drive time is back to 68 minutes for your drive time heading out of dublin into the fetus. >> out of oakland, a chp officers are investigating a deadly police pursuit. officers spotted a man driving erratically on oakland's city streets. he refused to pullover and that prompted a chase that reached up to 80 mi. per hour getting on to 880 north oz. the man then crashes be getting off of the twenty ninth avenue offramp and was ejected. later pronounced dead at highland >> a fire broke out yesterday at this marker plastics complex. they had crews from four different degree areas that provide help to the fairfield firefighters. and all about 60
9:02 am
firefighters movininvolved. >> hope you can tell from the
9:03 am
flames, a lot of plastic containers did catch fire. there were 15,000-30,000. >> because it was a plastic products, unfortunately that burns extremely hot. it creates very intense heat. you may have seen in some of the footage yesterday that it is actually creating its own wind and the heat that was occurring inside of there was something plastic bins into the fire. that creates an intense heat. it creates a demand for a lot of manpower and a lot of water. we also use what is called afff foam that helps to cole the plastic and control the fire. >> she said that they got the foam from travis air force base.
9:04 am
they say that it was invaluable in their efforts to fight the fire. anything but business as usual today. there in the clean up mode at macro plastics. along with that obviously the investigation will continue as to what caused it. they believe a worker was working with an open flame that caused the fire. >> keeping our eyes on wall street, a drop for the dow industrial average. down 114 points. earlier this morning, we spoke to the managing director of wedbush securities to see if wall street is finally reacting to the lack of compromise in the debt ceiling as we're six days away from the deadline. >> i think that there are other issues affecting the market today. we have a report of durable-goods which is essentially a good that have a life of one year or more. they were supposed to be up and they were in fact down significantly. what was supposed to be a half percent increase came in as a 2% decrease. we also had orders for
9:05 am
capital goods in other small indicators that came out that were not particularly good. mortgage applications have been up to 15% in were in fact down 5%. yesterday we had some pretty grim news about home prices. there were the worst they have been since the spring of 2009. hot >> six days ago. it does not appear in the agreement will be reached. to democrats just finished a big press conference urging some sort of compromise on the debt deal. >> the democrats have won plan and republicans have another.
9:06 am
the plant from john boehner has to be reworked of the congressional budget office came back after analyzing it and said that in fact if his plan would cut billions of dollars or less than promised. the vote was said today on baker's plan and house and now it will be postponed until thursday. to california, we are dealing with the possibility of the u.s. ever running into trouble to hedge against the possibility of a government default. >> and police find the city's budget for the next fiscal year. they unanimously given final approval yesterday. the 6.8 $3
9:07 am
billion budget proposed by week in june was approved but only after it made more than 20 million and adjustments. >> but we are in the first day of a gradual warming. by the weak sunshine for everybody.
9:08 am
9:09 am
9:10 am
>> your is your 7 day around the bay. morning fog for the next couple of mornings. >> a car bombing in downtown oslo. even see the glass all over the streets. the explosion
9:11 am
happened in the city's government district before the shooting at a youth camp. here's more video. the bombing in the shootings killed 76 people. >> parts of oslo's central station were evacuated after a suspicious package triggered an alert. and banded suitcase came to question -- and abandoned suitcase came into question. for about 30 minutes they did an examination but did not find any explosives. >> 9:12 a.m., we will be right
9:12 am
9:13 am
9:14 am
9:15 am
>> the welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. here is a shot this morning of san jose, still dealing with low cloud cover and overcast conditions. fast as we break into the afternoon we will see a lot of sunshine and the south bay. temperatures in mountain view are expected to get close to that 80 degree mark working your way up to about 79 degrees. san is expected to warm to about 83. no. clearing into the afternoon. in terms of the fog, buy new will continue to see the fog settle into the golden gate. it was still on the
9:16 am
coast. right now, tumble in the mid-60s. by the afternoon and we could reach some 90s today. tsk tsk these along the coast -- 60s along the coast. picnic --
9:17 am
morning fog she continued her of the work week. >> we have cleared out our hot spot. a bridge check on the upper deck of the bay bridge westbound. it is looking for a smooth. a very minor way on the bay bridge toll plaza. a little more sunshine breaking through. we are still dealing with recent traffic. the low-income you really only had a minor delay
9:18 am
oearly in the morning. no incidents reported. a smooth trip across a span. finn san francisco there maybe some in down to muni metro delays. it is a report of a signal problem of the church street station. offs it could be affecting some of the inbound lines. we understand that fact j and m trains are not affected. if a >> police in the east are looking for this man. they say he got away with a car full of giants more billion. if this happens monday morning at a mcdonald's restaurant in walnut creek. a man says he had never believed in his car, he left his keys in the ignition. when he came out if he's also one drive off in the car. >> the trial begins today for a los gatos woman accused of
9:19 am
having sex with a troubled teenager. they say circle give the boys alcohol, marijuana and cigarettes. he was a friend of one for children. if convicted, cole could face a maximum of four years in prison and be required to register as a sex offender. >> family and friends will hold a rally for missing nursing student michelle le. it is in two months since she has >> whether conditions are making it difficult for firefighters in southern california where it is hot and humidity is low. they're battling a wildfire at an indi an reservation. so far is 21 square miles and the blaze is spreading farther into steep, rugged terrain. it is not
9:20 am
expected to frighten any structures or populated areas. >> in the news around the bay, san francisco mayor is considering running for a full term as mayor. he had maintained that he would not rent when he was named interim mayor. now he says some members are urging him to throw his hat into the ring. the election for mayor is coming up this november. >> we continue to watch what street, the dow jones industrial average continues to climb down 91 points yesterday to 108., 12,392. we have seen a big drop for the nasdaq and s&p. big news today, we saw durable goods orders dropped as well and the concerns here about what is happening in washington, there is no debt limit increase in place just yet. one of the highlights is a dunkin donuts. the and doneness owns baskin robbins and dunkin donuts, the
9:21 am
stock came in around $90 a share is no of 21 -- is now $21 a share. >> we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues.
9:22 am
9:23 am
9:24 am
>> the time is 9:25 a.m.. we're waking up to a low cloud cover. we did have a little bit of drizzle. you can see that lifting over the downtown camera shot. as we head into later today, a temperatures will warm up 10 degrees for more than our right now. a pretty similar day
9:25 am
in san francisco compared to yesterday. in oakland it looks like we're going to creep up into the '70s. a full forecast coming up. >> we have a water main break that is trapping drivers and blocking the roadway in new york city. you can see that one car is inundated. this is a water main break. it is putting a major damper on travel in the bronx this morning. the flooding forced to different subway stations to shut down. >> the woman who accused the former head of the a potential -- to measure monetary fund of rape is meeting with investigators investigating the
9:26 am
case. this is after she broke her silence publicly. strauss, has denied accusations. when the whale was found in a private beach. it is a gray whale, about 6 months old. it was said to be breathing when it was first discovered but has since died. we will be right back as the kron 4 morning is continues. a live look above the fog this morning.
9:27 am
9:28 am
9:29 am
>> there was a police chase. a car led police on a high-speed chase and crashed into an overpass. the driver may have been drunk. >> a six alarm fire at this airfield plastics company is contained. they are cleaning up, you're the look at the containers that were burned. luckily firefighters got a handle on this. three of the firefighters were on hand as the were fighting the fire but it did not spread to the building where the employees work. >> keeping our eyes on wall street today, the big drop in the dow, down 112 points as there are concerns that new debt relief will come to the united states. some are saying that the
9:30 am
u.s. credit rating will be downgraded even if there was a deal activated. more on whether and traffic. >> we are starting off on a shot of the san mateo bridge. he conceded a clearing. we're starting to see some of the fall burn off the staying put on the golden gate bridge. this we will get some nice prints of sunshine. temperatures could warm up slightly compared to yesterday, especially in some of the inland spots. temperatures could even reach to the low 90s in a few locations. as we head into the afternoon you'll notice the breeze picked up a bit. her >> looking at your right on the san mateo bridge, the westbound commute is still a problem free. we are not tracking any hot spots this morning. the commute is very much over here. there is a minor delay for the muni metro
9:31 am
on some and down trains. trains are having to run through the church street station in manual mode because crews are there working on signals. all bound trains are unaffected. more >> more on the massive fire in fairfield. it's fully contained in this morning, but here was the scene, a sixth alarm fire as thousands of plastic containers went up in flames. big, black smoke is visible in many parts of the area. investigators believe the fire was caused after an employee lists using a welding torch. jackie sissel has been on the scene throughout the morning. >> good morning. they say the picture says 1000 words. here is a chain-link fence, you can see some of the containers, this is what the chain link fence looks like that was a near the fire. it is bent over due to the
9:32 am
intense heat. you can see the container's melted. it is all about cleanup and investigation. these plastic containers, they believe there were about 30,000 on-site, still not an accurate number. they say that he was so intense that one firefighter but said it was causing its own wind and sucking in containers causing the plastic to go molson. we talked to the fire department and they explained some of the problems they had been fighting this fire. >> because it was a plastic products, that burned extremely hot in creates a very intense heat. you may have seen in some of the footage yesterday that it was actually creating its own wind. the eagles scoring inside there was sucking plastic bins into the fire. that creates an
9:33 am
intense heat and a demand for a lot of manpower and water. we also use what is called foam. that helps to cool the plastic and control the fire. they say this plan than they got the foam from travis air force base. it is anything but business as usual here at macro plastics. most of the workers we have seen have been driving a forklift and moving be unaffected and affected containers are round. it looks like it will probably be doing that for quite a while before things get back to normal. >> 9:34 a.m.. new out of oakland, chp officers are investigating a deadly police pursuit. they spotted a man driving erratically on oakland city streets in refused to pull over. there was a high-speed chase the reached speeds of 80 mi. per hour. the man was thrown from the vehicle when it crested
9:34 am
twenty ninth avenue at the offramp of interstate 80. he was pronounced dead later at highland hospital. police say that there was one open alcohol containers found in the car. >> this just into the kron 4 men's room. a live picture, the tea party rally where they're talking about the debt crisis among other things. just moments democrats its front of their comments. take a listen to senator harry reid. >> there is only one bill in congress that is a true compromise. we are running out of time. it is time to get serious about finding a compromise. >> the congressional budget analysis says that, the plan from reed would save 2.2 trillion over 10 years. senate republican leader says that the house gop debt deal is the only option left and still avoid and
9:35 am
a default. hot the deadline is august 2nd, that is six days away. we arm >> we are back with more of a couple of minutes. here is a live look at san as a traffic. we will be right back., given the option to share with its well here it is an entrepreneur or i can hear you take the pisa
9:36 am
he wean as some pomegranate no : to consider the were duenn.
9:37 am
9:38 am
>> police >> are warning motorists to expecting big delays this afternoon and this evening. there is a big concert at the shoreline amphitheater. 22,000
9:39 am
concertgoers are expected to attend for case -- for country music singer jason aldine. perhaps >> and gilroy police have arrested a 13 year-old boy, but they're looking for two other people in connection with an attempted armed robbery. someone called 911 yesterday to report gunfire near garlic city club. when officers arrived the victim said he was sitting in his right when three people approached. police found and arrested a 13 year-old boy but there are two other suspects and remain at large. >> federal aviation administration statistics show that fewer pilots are violating airspace restrictions this year. there were three incidents earlier this month around the camp david retreat, the presidential compound in maryland. fighter jets were called in. besides those three incidents, federal aviation administration says that 122 years these violations have happened so far this year. airspace violations could be anything from flying into an
9:40 am
enclosed air space to simply using the wrong radiofrequency in a restricted area. >> the time is 9:40 a.m.. we're back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look from the mt. tam cam. 1/4 to
9:41 am
fab of rain
9:42 am
9:43 am
>> welcome back to run for morning news. the fog is starting to burn off this afternoon. you can see from the mt. tam cam some of that is still sticking around. george is looking shot this morning. into the afternoon we will inform of and into the east bay temperatures will be ranging from a 70-90. for livermore we could spike into the '90s. here
9:44 am
is a look at current temperatures. we're starting to close in on 70 in fairfield. 74 in antioch. 10 degrees colder than that and deliver more. in the south bay, mountain view at about 65. 61 for san jose by about noon, the orange shows us where the 80's will move into the picture. we will get a picture mr. '70s and '80s. as we d towards the 3:00 p.m. or 4:00 p.m. hour we could squeeze out a couple of 9 degree readings. it looks like we could pop up to about 90 in antioch. keeping it in the 60s along the coast, we will see the variety in the structures. 89 degrees in los gatos, 80 degrees in morgan hill. very comfortable in hayward. temperatures ranging from the mid-upper 60s for san francisco, richman about 82. we were really warm-up to fairfield and into concord
9:45 am
getting up to about 89. about 84 napa and 83 in santa rosa. here is your 7 day around the bay. it looks like we will stay pretty similar to the next couple of days in the next pattern. morning fog breaking into the afternoon. temperatures in the inland spas staying into the low 90s 90s in land in the '70s around the bay. this pattern will continue through the weekend and into next week. a lot more sunshine in store by sunday in the beginning of next work week. >> a quick check on the bridges. the bay bridge, and protect was down into san francisco, still a good ride. minor delays as we had across the upper deck with a metering lights active. pierre is a look at your ride on the
9:46 am
san mateo bridge. hist it is a little heavy in the westbound direction. there is no backup on the toll plaza were delays on the stand. the golden gate bridge ride continues to be a problem free despite the fog. a delay northbound with only two lanes available on northbound side. there are no problems approaching the toll plaza from doyle drive in the southbound traffic of course looks good. there have been many delays reporter for the muni metro on the in downside because of signal problems at the church street station. those have been corrected and trains are getting back to normal. let's go to the newsroom in the get this update from justine. >> continental airlines is happening canceling its 21 flights out of new jersey due to a lack of crew availability.
9:47 am
>> ford is changing gears on how you listen to music. they're introducing cars without cds lots. instead they will just do a u.s. the connection. ha >> and a lot of people are
9:48 am
talking about this story. >> this is probably the most popular story on our facebook fan page. the story only got a few likes. i asked whether or not cds were coming obsolete. i have highlighted a couple of responses coming in. here is what a couple of viewers had to say. the to leave your own comments, visit our facebook fan page and like us. i am also keeping my eye on what is popular on the internet's. take a look at the video on your screen. on youtube this week, the old old spies sky and the new old spice guide, fabio have
9:49 am
put out videos slam each other. people from all the world are choosing sides, deciding whether they like the old old spies guide or the new old spice guide. >> the dow is down. this is on top of the 91 point drop was on yesterday. >> gabe slate is taking a look at an application that puts the brakes on texting and driving. >> i want to tell you about an application for smart phones. i tested it out and really impressed me. and really helps save lives. when text stop is
9:50 am
installed and activated, if you are traveling over 10 mi. an hour, it will not let you send e-mail to gortex messages or receive e-mail or receive text messages. sfax >> it is a brilliant idea. text message related injuries and deaths are on the rise. this is something we should all have installed on our phones. >> stamp is from the bay area. he helped create this act. >> last year there were 16,000 deaths, pretty soon we will surpass a drunk driving deaths. this is totally preventable. >> i was able to get a real time demonstration. below 10 mi. an hour we can tax and e-mail. as soon as we leave the parking lot when we try to send or read a
9:51 am
text or e-mail to read screen came on telling them to pull over. this aft works and can save lives. text of the uses of the gps and smart phones to know that it is going over 10 mi. per hour. i was surprised to see how accurate was. there was no texting happening once we went over 10 mi. per hour. when it is first installed unique user name and password. this is a great with a major parents make sure their kids to not text or e-mail when driving. tech stock is available from google android. you can find it in the interim market for $20. they expect this to be on eye phones within a month. for more information on text dostoop visit might page on
9:52 am
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9:54 am
9:55 am
>> here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. a pattern of morning fog for of the workweek. afternoon sunshine expected to continue. temperatures will warm into the low 90s in lens, 7 day around the bay and upper 60s for the coast. sunshine in store for the weekend. >> the death of amy winehouse has created major spike in her music sales. the british seniors back to black sea is going to re-enter the gulf war charts at no. 9. -- the singer's back to black cd is going to re- enter the charts at no. 9. her debut album sold 7000 copies. the 27 year-old died of unknown causes at her london home on saturday. >> with the nfl locked out over, fans seem ready to forgive and full of the stadiums. ticketmaster says the sales of
9:56 am
its ticket exchange was triple the with the normally were on monday from sunday. the nfl locked out is now history. team owners and players agreed to a 10 year deal. we're in santa clara gear reaction from excited players. >> the 49ers facility in santa clara opened at 7:00 a.m.. players have the option of checking in. there were very few. there is a second your offensive line leaving the facility. he was on the tuesday mandatory list to get a physical. linebacker patrick willis was an early arrival, so was quarterback alex smith and tight end billy walker. more physicals are scheduled for tomorrow. thursday, a conditioning test will be applied to seek out and shake the players are. outside linebacker in the top pick: smith was taking it all in today. >> the experience has been fun. i'm excited.
9:57 am
>> vern glenn, kron 4 news. >> we have been keeping our eyes on wall street as we're getting closer to the debt ceiling, six days away. the dow was down 90 points yesterday, down 108 today @ 12,003 and 92. her >> that is it for this morning, i hope you'll join us tomorrow morning beginning at 4:00 a.m.. dr. phyllis coming up in 2 minutes after this commercial break. dr. -- phil is coming up in 2 minutes.
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